Why Hire An Architectural Photographer

The Answer:

As with any service, there are many reasons to hire a professional. Professionals bring their knowledge, training, experience and expertise to the table. An architectural photographer's role in every project is to consider many factors.


There has been an overall degregation of image quality used by some Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Developers, and Designers. This is a result of a couple of factors:

  • An influx of affordable high resolution cameras and camera phones.

  • Owners and Project Managers trying to save money by taking photos themselves or letting staff members take photos.

Quite often this results on dull and lackluster photos.  There are many reasons to hire a professional Architectural Photographer. An Architectural Photographer will be experienced and have an in-depth knowledge of the following key aspects of architectural photography:


   Corrected lines
 Poor Perspective and Lines  Corrected Perspective and Lines

The vertical and horizontal lines of buildings get distorted in many photographs. Due to positioning and camera lenses skewing the perspective, buildings look like they are leaning or tilted. An Architectural Photographer has specialized "perspective-control" lenses to adjust for this. They also have the experience with post-processing techniques to correct for this to produce a much more pleasing and successful image.


Timing is everything for Architectural Photography. Images taken in an identical manner but during different times of the day yield dramatically different results. In winter, the sun never makes it around to north facing elevations. Photographing in summer when the sun tracks further north provides the light & shadow, contrast, and saturation that create an image worthy of the subject. Architectural Photographers have experience conducting determining the best time of day to capture the emotion and effect of the structure and location that the client seeks to portray.

Design Aspects

Architecture firms make great effort to create a striking interior/exterior relationship on their projects. Their bold design of various materials within  intrincate shapes that reach skyward with visual lightness and structural elegance. Architectural Photographers are able to capture images that reinforce the design intent.


Architectural Photographers make many decisions need to be made to bring a space to life in photography. Selecting camera positions, choosing the right time of day to shoot, adding or removing items, filtering to remove color casts and glare, balancing existing lights and adding supplemental lighting are just some of the decisions made that help an otherwise dull, bland image come alive.

Portraying The Message

When a building product is made to perform a specific purpose, the images provided by an Architectural photographer will reinforce it. An Architectural Photographer will work closely with clients to ensure the message of the design is clearly portrayed in the resulting images.