Fine Art Photography Decorating Choices

When it comes to fine art photography, there are many aspects for consideration.

Frame Your Art

Adding a frame to a fine art photograph greatly enhances the overall aesthetics and quality of the art. There are countless framing options to appeal to your décor, style, personality, and budget. Even an inexpensive frame can enrich a photo print, but a good frame and will generally last much longer and make a lasting impression

Art Is Limitless

Some like to stick to one style or genre when adding fine art photography to their décor. While this is perfectly acceptable, one of the great aspects of art is that it is limitless. You don’t necessarily have to stay within one genre or style if you keep in mind tone and scale. For instance, a black and white photograph can work beautifully with a charcoal drawing and a monochromatic painting. The possibilities are endless and worth exploring.

Build A Collage

An empty wall is like a blank canvas. You have the ability to create your own masterpiece using a collection of fine art photography as a collage. If you have the space, you can mix a collection of various sized photos. To add a splash of style you can add other décor like mirrors, lettering or other intriguing pieces.

Classic vs. Modern

Most likely you will want to match your fine art photography to your style. If your interior is traditional, then perhaps softer, more classic pieces will be in order. If it is more modern, then slick, conceptual pieces will work.

Inspiration Is Everywhere

When trying to decide on how to decorate with fine art photography, you can get inspiration from everywhere. Start looking at your surroundings when you go out. Look at how your friends, family and local businesses and venues decorate. Look through décor magazines or websites. Take notes (mental or on paper). There is a plethora of information and ideas out there.

Art With Meaning

Most people acquire fine art photography that appeals to them for a particular reason. Whether the subject matter has some meaning to them, or it reminds them of something, or they can relate to the emotion of the photo. If the art you chose has some meaning, generally you won’t ever get tired of it. Although sometimes a photo just calls to us “just because” and that is fine too.  Either case, buy fine art photography that you love. It should fit your personality. If it does, you will intuitively find the perfect spot for it.

Pick A Theme

Whether you are just buying one piece or building a collection, decide on a theme. It can be by medium, by genre, by artist, or even by color. While it shouldn't be the guiding factor, do consider your interior scheme. Imagine where the piece might go -- is it the right scale? Does it have the right feel? Aim to strike a balance between tone, content, colors, shape.